About Siklameh Company

Siklameh paint manufacturer

Siklameh paint manufacturer from parts Lastic group factories with more than three decades in design and production of protective paints, industrial, road marking , … has seven national standard, lab partner of Standard in the field of paint and quality management ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 is proud to be a small step toward improving productivity and production in our country has taken. In this context, a brief description of their scientific and practical abilities to study offers.

Engineering and R & D :

Engineering department by experienced staff to participate in various areas of paint polymer made it possible so that the company is keeping pace with modern technology.
Research in the field of industrial solvents, protective paint, paint of automotive polymer parts , industrial adhesives and .... is ongoing.


• Types of protective paints (epoxy , epoxy floor coating , polyurethane coating e, etc.), epoxy and polyurethane paints are highly resistant to corrosion and environmental conditions.
• Types of industrial paint (stoving , automotive ,primer , ABS , PVC paints , alkyd enamel glass paint , instant paint ,….).

• One -component and two-component traffic paints (cold) and concrete paint.

• Different interior paints (water-based plastic, semi-plastic, acrylic matte and shiny, polyester), anticorrosion primer, pool paint, … .

• Various Thinner such as paint remover , road marking , epoxy, polyurethane and stoving .

• The only flock adhesive manufacturer in the province.

Meanwhile, Siklameh paint is obtained the Ministry of Industry Research and Development license.