SYNTHETIC FLAT PAINT This paint is a quality alkyd - based Flat synthetic enamel form-ulata for decoration pf wood-walls metal doors and window and similar surface this paint dries to a bcautiful uniform flat surface.

Tehehnical Data:

Colour : According to colour card
Solids(%w) : 77+-2
Density: 1.52gr/cm3
Gloss: 4.7
Viscosity: 90-105Krcbs stomcr
Grind : 20-25mic
Coverage : 8sqm/Itr

Drying time (guiding data at 25 e) :

Thinner — So-30000
Surface preparation: All oil,grease, test dust & loose paint should be removed from the surface. Stir the paint throughly before applic-ation Fihh nail holes and cracks
Application methods: Rollcr,brush ,convcntional spray.