Acid Curing Lacquer

ACID CURING LACQUER This is clear varnish based , on amino and alkyd resins. For use on hoursc facades , doors , windows and for intcrrior wooden surfaces such as telling doors, colnmns, interior panel-ing and etc.

Technical Data :

Colour : light , transparent

Density : 0.98 gr /cm3

Viscosity : 100 - 120 sec (cup I4o:4) din 53211

Pote life : 10 hourse

Drying time (guiding data at 25c) :

Dry to touch : 40 minutes

Fully thy : 24 houre

Mixing ratio : 9 parts of comment A(base) tobe mixed thoroughly with I part of component B(hardners) or :10:1 [weight component A(bese)y Weight component 13(hardner). Application methods : Broush,conventional (spray roller)

Surface prepartion : The surface must be dry and clean. good ventilation is nccessmy wh-en the applied paint.