Air Drying Primer

AIR DRYING PRIMER This product is a primer based on alky for used on steel surfaces. The primer has also good adhesion to shell surface.

Technical Data:

Base: Alkyd Resin (Medium Oil)
Colour : According colour card
Viscosity: 180'cup No:4 Din53211
Grind : 30-35 mic
Density: 1.3g/cm3
Adhesion: 5B

Recommendation for Use :

Coverage: 15 sqm/Itr
Thickness drying film: 40-50 mic

Drying time (guiding data at 25c) :

Drying surface: I hours
Fully cured min : 24 hours
Application methods : Airless spray , roller or brush
Thinner : So-30000
Surface preparation : The surface must be dry & clean and all oil grease , dust and loose paint should be removed from the surface before paint application.