Anti Crossive Primer

Anti Crossive Primer
ANTI CROSSIVE PRIMER This primer is a Allcyd resin based and because of iron oxid & other anti crossive pigment has excellent rust in hibittive chara-cteristics with good wetting ability . The primer has alsi good adhesion to steel surface .

Technical Data :

Base : alkyd resin medium oil
Density : 1.33 g/cm3
Viscosity : 180 (cup No.4) din 53211
Gring : 35 mic
Adhesion : 5B

Recommendation for Use :

Film thickncss,dry : 40 mic
Covrage : 15.6 sqmiltr

Drying lime (guiding data at 25c)

Drying surface : I hoursc
Fully cured min : 24 hoursc
Application methods : Airless spray , roller or broush
Thinner: So - 30000
Surface prcoartion : The surface must be dry and clean and all oil, grease, dust and loose paint should be removed from the surface before paint application.