Acrilk Road Marking Paint

ROAD MARKING PAINT (TRAFFIC) This paint is a thermoplastic acrilic Resin based for road marki-ng paint with excellent adhalt on asphalt and concrete surface. It was very good weathering and scratch resistance .

Technical Data :

Base : acilic termoplastic

Colour : white and cte.

Density : 1.5 gr/cm3

Solid cotcnt : 78+-3

Viscosity : 35 - 40 poise

Surface Preparation :

Befor paint application, all the dust, grease oil should be removed from the asphalt or concrete surface conditions during application . Avoid painting on wet or humid surface & in rainweather .this paint should be applied at tempreture 20c' - 40c'.

Recommendation for Use :

Film thickncss,dry : 8 -10 mil

Application method : the most application is special spray machine.

Thinner : (5-10% by weght)so-8000

Drying lime (duiding data at5 25c) :

Dry to touch : 20 minute

Hard drying : 40 minute