Chlorinate, Road Marking Paint

ROAD MARKING PAINT (TRAFFIC) This is a chlorinatet rubber Rased for road marking paint with excellent adhesion on asphalt and concrete surface - it was very good weathering and scratch resistance.

Thecnical Data:

Colour : white -yellow - black

Density: 1.5 g/cm3

Solid content: 70

Viscosity: 35-40 poise

Drying time at (23C-25C) :

Surface drying: 25tninutes(Max)

Hard Drying : 6Ominutes(MAX)

Thinner: So-60000

Surface preparation :

Before paint application ,all the rust,grease or oil should be removed from the as phalt or concrete surface condition during application.Avoid painting on wet or humid surface and in rain weather. This paint should be applied at Tcmprcture 20C - 4C . Recommendation for Use :

Film thickness,dry: 8-10 mil Application method: The most application is special spray machine.