Epoxy Ester

EPOXY ESTER PAINT ( as top coat) This is air during paint based on epoxy ester for used industrial cquipmcnt and this product exhibited excellent gloss.

Technical Data:

Type: epoxy ester

Colour :  White (According by colour card)

Solids (%W) : 65 (+-) 2 gr/cm3

Density: 1.1 gr cm3

Gloss : 86

Viscosity: 120 - 150 (cup.u) Din53211

Grind : 10 mic

Coverage:  10 - 12 m2/lit

Drying lime (guiding data at 25c'):

Dry to touch: 3 hours

Hard drying: 24 hours

Dry to recoat (min): 2 hours

Recommention For Use :

Hardncss: 2h

Adhesion: 5b

Mandrel : very good

Application methods: Conventional spray or airless spray or brush

Surface preparation : To be applied on a clean, dry surface.