Fast Drying

FAST DRYING INDUSTRIAL ENAMEL This paint is a topcoat on short oil alked resin.This product exh-ibit excellent gloss,hardness & adhesion steel it is a very rapidly drying (3-5min).This paint Weather resistance to certain chemi-cals makes it especially suitedfor industrial Application.

Technical Data:

Colour: According to colour card

Solids(%w): 62+-3

Density: I.14gr/cm3

Viscosity : 120 - 150 ( cup No : 4) Din 53211

Grind: 10 mic

Hardness : 2H

Adhesion : 5B

Impact: 80p/cm

Reccommendation for use:

Film thickness, dry : 25-30mic

Coverage: 0-12.5 eqm./Itr

Drying lime ( guiding data at 25 c ) :

Dry to touch: max 5 minutes

Fully Drying: min 24 hours

Thinner: So-25000N

Application mcthodcs:  Airless spray conventional spray.

Surface preparation: The surface must be cleaned all

rust,Mill scale, oil or grease can be removed Rust phosfating or blast cleaning to Sa 2 '/z.