BAKING ENAMEL VARNISH This is a clear varnish based on a melamin alkyd for use on ind-usterial surfaces.This varnish exhibit excellent gloss hardness & adhesion steel. Flight impact resistance and durability obtained when at tempreturc between 160e at 180c (at least 15 - 20 min).

Technical Data :

Type stoving varnish

Colour : light, transparent

Viscosity : 100" - 120" (cup No.4) din 53211

Hardness : 3H

Adhesion : 5B

Flexibility : very good (at 180')

Recommendation for Use :

Application methods : Conventional spray, airless, roller, brush

Thinner : So - 25000/4

Surface preparation : The surface must be cleaned All rust, mill scalc,oil or Grease must be removal from the steel surface

Curing condition (c') : at time 20 - 15 minutes