CHLORINATED RUBBER PRIMER This is a chlorinated rubber based rust-preventing primer for use marin & industrial is resistance to water, sea water, moisture and ultra violet radiation, and chemical resistance.

Technical Data:

Type: Chlorinated rubber
Pigment: Red lead nad other anti corrosive pigment
Colour : Orange Viscosity:
Texotropic Density: 1.7/cm3 Solids(%W): 68

Recommendation for Use :

Film thickness dry: 40-45 mic
Coverage: 8-10 sqm/ltr
Gloss: Matt
Drying time (guiding data at 25c) :
Drying surface: 15 min
Fully cured : 16-20 hours
Rccoat(min): 8 hours
Thinner: So-61000
Application methods: Conventional spray , Airless spray , roller or brush
Mixing ratio: Single pack
Surface preparation : Blast clean to sa 2.5 or shop-primer Conditions during application : The temperature of the sub-strate should be min 3c above the dew point of the air.