Chlorinated Rubber Top Coat

CHLORINATED RUBBER (as top coat) This is a one component, physically can used as a top coat over other paints (The best is chlorinated rubber primers). This paints are very resistant to water moisture & Acid & alkali.

Technical Data:

Type: Chlorinated rubber
Colour : Whitc(According colour card)
Viscosity: 90'cup No:4 Din53211
Grind : 10 mic
Density: I.3g/cm3 Solids(%W): 55%

Recommendation for Use :

Coverage: 8-10 sqm/itr
Thickness drying film: 35-45 mic

Drying time (guiding data at 25c) :

Drying surface: 1-2 hours
Fully drying : 4-5 hours
Application methods: Conventional spray , Airless spray, roller or brush
Recoating: min 10 hours
Surface preparation : To be applied on a clean , dry primer Conditions during application : The temperature of the sub-strate should be min 3c above the dew point of the air.