EPOXY PRIMER This paint is a rust preventing primer based on epoxy resin and zinc chromat pigmented.lt is resistance a gainst crossive surtacewater and acid and alkali. This is two component Epoxy Primer kb rust proper.

Technical Data :

colour : green and etc.
viscosity : 70"-80"cupN0.4, Din53211
gloss: semi gloss
Grind: 30-40 mic
Pot life (25): 10-12(hour)
Adhesion: 5B
density: 1.2 9 g/cm3

Recommendation for use :

film thickness, dry:-------40-50 mic
Coverage 8-10 eqm/Itr
drying surfase: 1-2 hours at 25C
recoat min: 8 hours at 25C
fully cured min: 7 days at 25C
Appliction methode: air less spary ,rollcr,or brush
Thinner/cleaner: so -10000
surface preparation: preferably blast cicand tomin sa 2 In & shoud be cicand surface
Conditions During Applications: the tcmprature of the steel should be min 10C curing process at lower tempratured will be considerably retarded. This primer should not be exposed to water chemicals or mechanical stress before the paint is fully cured. Mixing ratio : 3 parts of A (base) to be thoroughly mixed with I part of B (hardner) half an hour prior to application.