HIGH QUALITY EPOXY FINISH This is a tow component epoxy paint based on Bisphenol A Epoxy resin , recommended for various industerial . this product exhibite exellent gloss, hardness , adhsion , high impact and very good resistance to water & a wide range of chemicals steel, galvanis steel, concret surface, wooden surface and Aluminium surfac.

Technical Data :

Colour/texture : According at colour card/glossly
Solids (by weight): 64+-2
Density: I.27gr/cm3
Pot lif : 10-12hours(max 24 h)
Self life : 12mounths(min)
Grind: 10mic
Viscosity: 60"(cup no:4) Din53211
Gloss: 97(at 60)
Film thickness,dry: 30-40 mic

Recommendation for Use :

Coverage: 10-12sqmilit
Dry to touch: 1-2 hours at 25C
Recoat ,min: 12 hours at 25C
Fully cured: 7days or 4 hours at 100C
Mixing ratio :3 parts component A(base)to be mixed Thoro-ughly with I part of component (hard ncr)or 4:1(weight)
Thinner: so-I0000
Surface preparation:clean,dry,and free of oil,grcase &foreign All steel to be coated must be sand/grit blasted to sa 214 with an approved a basive.It is important to maintain this standard unit the first Coat has been applied. Coditions application : the temprature of the Steel should be min IOC as the curing process at lower Tempratured wil be considrably retarcd Application methods:ccnventional Spray Airless brush roller.