MIOX EPOXY POLYAMIDE PAINT This paint is a Epoxy Resin based with micaceous Iran oxide for Used a intermediate coatings. You can apply on the epoxy polyamide primers or wash primers inclusion of Miox enhances the properties of epoxies in three main ways :It provides abrasion resistance and is ideally suited for travel coats and it extends the applied in the work shop and subsequent coats applied on site up to several months later so it improves to UR exposure.

Technical Data :

Type : Epoxy-poly amid
Placement: Miox
Solids(%W): 73-75%
Mixing ratio: A : 6 gr/cm3 B: I gr/cm3
Theoretical coverage: 8-10 m2/lit

Drying time (guiding data at 25c):

Drying surface: 3hours
Dry to touch : 12 hours
Fully cured : 7 hours
Recoat: 12 -24 hours

Recommention For Use :

Density: A: 1.56 gr cm3 B: --1 gr cm3
Film thickness, dry: 75-100 mm
Conditions during application : The temperature of substrate should be 5c-30e Application methods: Conventional spray.Continuous mechanical stirring during application is recommended .