ZINC DUST EPDXY PRIMERS This anti erosive primers are two component systems for use on blast cleaned steel . This product contain anti crossivc pigment such as zinc powder and epoxy resins by bistenol A & E pocloro hydrin.The use of zinc rich primers is a very special method of protecting steel against the attack of rust the zinc in these Primers will from an anode in the aforementioned electrical system. Zinc rich cpoxy primers are intended for use below & above wat-erline on decks and holds a paint

Technical Data :

Type : Zinc dust epoxy two component
Colour : Gray
Density : 3.7 gr/cm3
Viscosity : Thexotropic
Gloss : matting
Coverage : 6 - 8 eqm/ltr
Film thikness, dry : I - 4 mils
Dry to touch : min 30 -40 minutes at 25c
Rccoating min : 2 hours at 25c
Fully cured : 7 days at 25c
Pot life : 20 hours
Shelf life : 12 mounhs
Application methods: roller,Airlcss,spray,convcntional spray brush 4 pans component A with 1 parts component B
Thinner : So- 10000
Surface preparation : blast cleaned to sa 2 'A Conditions During Applications : The temprcture of the steel shuold be minimum 18 c as the curing process at Inver tempreturcd will be considrably reared.