HEAT RESISTANCE COATING This product is silicon based with aluminum pigments for use as a heat resistance paint which arc exposed to temprature of up to 600c or with Zinc powder that can resist heat up to 400c. This product used for application on smoke stacks , boilers , and similar equipment where heat resistance is a requirement.

Technical Data:

Type: Silicon based
Colour : Aluminum
Viscosity: 15'cup No:4 Din532 1 I
Solids: 40+-2
Theoretical Coverage: 12 m2/li

Recommendation for Use :

Film thickness dry: 20 mic +-2
Drying time (guiding data at 25c) :
Drying surface: 15 min
Mixing ratio: I component
Application methods: Conventional air spray, Airless spray
Stir well from the bottom of the tin. Storage conditions: At least on years Surface preparation : Thoroughly clean the surface by wire brushing to metal clean . Surface free from rust , moisture, grease...