Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer

This anti corrosive primers arc two component system and suitable for cathodic protection of steel and iron. it give a hard film with excellent adhesion and very good resistance to water, sea water ,salt spray ,ultra violet radiation but it is not resistance a giants acid and alkali . Recommended over steel structure, marine weathering and other exposure subject to high humidity. This primer can be used as shop primer (15 mic Film thickness dry).

Technical Data

Type : Ethyl silicate
Pigment: zinc dust
Colour : Gray
Solids (%W) : > 85 griem3

Inorganic (Film dry): 100%
Film thickness, dry: 70 (4—) mm
Heat resistant:up to 400c
Mixing Rate : A: 20 B:80
Mixing Instruction: Mix thoroughly while using
Pot life : 4 hours at 20c
Drying time:
Dry to touch : < 1 hours
Fully cured : 16 hours (25c)
Application methods: Conventional spray or airless spraying Storage conditions All component must be stored in a moisture free condition. At least six months in dry and cool condition.