Kind of Wash Primer & Shop Primer

This is a polyvinyl butyral based primer for use on blast chcaned steel ,galvanized and light alloys in order to improve adhsion for subsegent paints.

Technical Data:

Colour : green-yellow-black
Viscosity: 40"-50"cup No.4Din53211
Viscosity(component A): 60"-70"
Gloss: 4.7
Viscosity : 90-105 krebs stomer
Grind: 20-25mic
Coverage : 8sqmiltr

Drying lime ( guiding data at 25 c ) :

Dry to touch : 5'-10' minutes
Recoat : 14 days(max)
Fully cured : I days (min)
Recommendation for Use:
Film thickness, dry: 10-15 mic
Coverage: 10 eqm/Ltr
Thinner: So-71000
Pot life: 24 hours
Application methods: Airless spray or conventional spray roller-Brush
Surface: The surface must be dry and clean
Condition during application: Wash primer, should not be applied At tempretures below 5C
Mixig ratio : 6: I(by weight)