Polyurethane Coating

This product is a two pack polyurethane paint based on poly oils and poly isocy agnates resins . It is used as a topcoat over other paints (such a s epoxy coating). With exceptional weather resistance and excellent abrasion, che-mical, UV resistance.

Technical Data:

Type: two component
Colour : White (According color card)
Viscosity: 70'cup No:4 Din532I I
Grind : 10 mic
Density: I.2km3(two component)
Solids(%W): 65%
Solids(by volume): 19.4%
Recommendation for Use :
Film thickncss dry: 30-40 mic
Coverage: 10-12 sqm/ltr
Gloss: >90

Drying time (guiding data at 25c) :

Drying surface: I hour
Fully cured : 6 days
Rccoat(min): 8-48 hours
Mixing ratio: 5:1 weight
Pot life: 6 hours
Thinncr: So-50000
Shelf life: 12 months